If you are set on getting affordable dentures in Kissimmee, FL, following tooth loss, then congratulations! You are doing your oral health a huge favor. Did you know that deciding to get dentures is the first step toward restoring your oral health? Missing teeth will not only affect your smile and self-esteem. Research reveals that tooth loss comes with consequences.  

When you lose your permanent teeth, you will experience discomfort when you chew and speech problems, increasing your risk of developing gum disease, misaligned teeth, tooth decay, and further tooth loss. As a first-time denture wearer, we’re sure you have questions to ask. Luckily, we’re here to answer them so you can enjoy a smooth, hassle-free denture journey.  

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First-Time Denture Wearers: What to Expect  

What Are Dentures?  

Dentures are removable dental appliances designed to replace missing teeth and gum tissues. There are two available types of dentures – partial and complete. Partial dentures are ideal for individuals with some natural teeth left, while complete dentures are for those who’ve lost all of their teeth.  

Partial Dentures  

A partial denture is composed of a set of artificial teeth affixed to a gum-colored base connected by a metal scaffolding. The metal framework helps keep the denture secure in your mouth. If you still have natural teeth left, this is the ideal option for you.  

Complete Dentures

There are two types of complete dentures – immediate and conventional. Immediate dentures are fabricated in advance and placed in your mouth at any time; you don’t have to wait for the healing period to complete before you can get your smile back.  

Unfortunately, there’s a possibility that your gums and bones may shrink while they heal. In such a case, your dentist will make some adjustments to allow the denture to fit your mouth perfectly.  

Typically, an immediate denture is only a temporary solution while you wait for your conventional dentures. Meanwhile, you’ll have to wait eight to 12 weeks after your teeth are removed before you can wear conventional dentures.  

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How Long Will My Dentures Last?  

Many patients are eager to know the longevity of their investment. Although dentures are a more affordable option than dental implants, they still come at a cost. Dentures don’t last forever. High-quality dentures are made from durable materials that can withstand wear and tear for up to seven to ten years.  

How Do You Care for Dentures?  

Caring for dentures is pretty straightforward. If you want to make the most of your investment, we suggest you follow proper denture care.  

  • Clean your dentures after having a meal. To clean your dentures, you need to place them over running water to loosen and remove food debris.  
  • When cleaning your denture, handle it with utmost care. You can add a soft towel at the bottom of the sink while cleaning your denture so that if you lose grip, it won’t break.  
  • Brush your dentures whenever you brush your teeth but be careful not to use abrasive denture cleansers to avoid scratching your dentures.  
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Get Your New Affordable Dentures in Kissimmee, FL!  

At Kissimmee Family Dentistry, we want you to be proud of your smile. We provide a wide array of affordable dental treatments to help you achieve optimum oral health. One of our goals is to educate our patients about the importance of achieving and maintaining optimum oral health in a welcoming environment. Contact us today to learn more.