Every time you visit your family dentist in Kissimmee, you might learn some shocking truths about your oral health. Dental visits aren’t just about repairing what’s broken or restoring what’s lost. Dentists also provide insight and teach you preventive measures to better care for your teeth and gums at home.  

It’s essential to learn oral health facts straight from your dentist because if you get misled with wrong information from the internet, it might lead to oral complications.  

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Top Misconceptions About Your Oral Health  

Consuming Sugars Can Lead to Cavity Formation  

We’ve been told that anything that has sugar is bad for your teeth. Technically, consuming sugar doesn’t cause tooth decay. What causes cavities is how long those sugars stay on your teeth.  

Bacteria in your mouth will feed on these sugars and release acids that eat away your enamel. Over time, this will compromise your teeth’s integrity and structure, leading to cavity formation.    

Sugar-Free Sodas Are a Safe Option  

If you believe myth #1, you’ll probably choose sugar-free sodas over regular ones. Unfortunately, sodas, regardless of whether they contain sugar or not, are bad for your teeth because of their acid content. Let’s compare the pH content of water. Water is at seven while diet sodas are at two or three, making them highly acidic and harmful.  

Whiter Teeth Are Healthier  

People are obsessed with whiter teeth. More than half of the adult population in the U.S. spend a fortune on teeth whitening products and treatments to achieve brighter smiles. But did you know those whiter teeth do not equate to healthier teeth? Therefore, don’t base your oral health on your teeth’s color.  

Braces Are Only for Young People  

When you see braces in school-aged kids and high schoolers, you’ll likely think this orthodontic treatment is for the younger generation. If you consult with an orthodontist, you’ll be surprised to know that adults also qualify.  

If you didn’t get braces when you were younger, there is still hope for you. You can achieve straighter teeth at any age. Orthodontic treatments vary in treatment time and design. Two popular orthodontic devices are traditional metal braces and clear aligners.    

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Pregnant Women Should Not See the Dentist  

One of the myths circulating online is that soon-to-be mothers should stay away from the dentist until they give birth. This is 100% false. As a matter of fact, dentists encourage pregnant women to visit the dental office regularly since their hormones can rise and cause their gums to bleed and swell.    

Don’t Worry About Tooth Pain  

Tooth pain is not uncommon. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 40% of adults experience tooth pain yearly. When your tooth hurts, and the pain subsides, it doesn’t mean you should just forget about it.  

It’s still important to see your dentist and have it checked to determine what’s causing the pain. One of the leading causes of tooth pain is cavities. When cavities aren’t treated, bacteria can make their way into the dental pulp and damage the nerves inside it.    

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