The Different Types of Dental Cleaning Appointments

Read the information about differences in dental cleanings below to better understand why an initial comprehensive exam is important to determine which type of cleaning is of best benefit to you and your dental health. Please call our Kissimmee office with your questions! Kissimmee Family Dentistry Office Phone Number 407 870-7404.

Diagram showing reasons for poor dental health
  • A Prophylaxis is a preventative cleaning reserved for people who have healthy mouths. They may have a localized area of gingivitis, but no signs of periodontal disease (as determined by probing around the tooth) and no heavy bleeding during probing or cleaning.
  • A Full Mouth Debridement is a cleaning that consists of a generalized removal of plaque and calculus in people with gingivitis or periodontal disease. This is usually done to allow better access and visibility for diagnosis and probing and to allow the gum inflammation to settle down prior to further treatment.
  • A Scale and Polish is usually done after a gross debridement on people with moderate to severe gingivitis or early periodontal disease. It is basically a fine-tuning to ensure the removal of calculus under the gums and to get the patient on the road to health.
  • Root Planing is a non-surgical gum treatment for mild to moderate generalized or advanced localized periodontal disease. It is usually preceded by a gross debridement. This is sometimes referred to as a “deep cleaning.” Antibiotic gels are used in conjunction with root planing to treat periodontal disease and may be placed at the same appointment as the root planing.
  • Periodontal Cleaning is the treatment given to people with periodontal disease at a frequency of at least every three months to prevent further bone loss. It is recommended after root planning in order to maintain the health of your gum tissue.

Your Dentist will prescribe the cleaning that is appropriate for you after a thorough examination and review of your x-rays.

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