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Kissimmee Family Dentistry

5 out of 5 stars based on 17 reviews.

Patient Review by Marcel J

Dr. Mokris and his team did an amazing job replacing my two broken and damaged teeth with new porcelain crowns. The whole process was painless and quick. All previous tooth sensitivities went away and I am enjoying my back teeth again like long time ago. Also, I would like to mention that I have been patient with the Kissimmee Family Dentistry now for 15 years and always have received superb customer service either for just a cleaning, oral evaluation, or minor / major dental work. Thank you Dr. Mokris and the whole office staff for your professionalism and care.

- Marcel J

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Patient Review by Yola E

I have a great experience I will go back to finish my dental work

- Yola E

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Patient Review by William S

I needed a one tooth bridge for a job interview. After reviewing options she took impressions and had them ready the next day. Perfect fit! What more could I ask for? Bridge fit very good and was a exact color match.

- William S

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Patient Review by Nadya F

I moved down to FL from NY and I am glad I found this dentist . The entire staff is super helpful and very nice. I will defentialy be returning !

- Nadya F

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Patient Review by Joanne s S

Very pleased with y’all

- Joanne s S

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Patient Review by Aida M

Love Dr Turner and the staff. Very friendly environment.

- Aida M

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Patient Review by Caroline E

Dr. Mokris actually saved my life. although it might not be his responsibility he told me to see my primary ASAP as he suspected I have sleep apnea. I took his advice and I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I have since been using a cpap machine...and my life has changed for the better. I wake up rested, I have the energy to stay awake all day and even have the energy to exercise again. Thank You!

- Caroline E

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Patient Review by Janine C

Dr. Rosas and the entire staff are wonderful! My implant procedure was quick and i felt fine afterwards. I love the way my smile turned out! i should've done it years ago!! totally worth it! I've referred my entire family to Kissimmee Family Dentistry!

- Janine C

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Patient Review by Lynn A

I had three fillings that needed to be redone , they were old silver fillings. Dr.Mokris did a great jog, no pain or sensitivity afterwards. I will never hesitate to make an appt with Kissimmee Family Dentistry. Awesome staff overall !!

- Lynn A

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Patient Review by Vamessa V

Dr. Mokris is a talented, excellent doctor. He is skilled in his craft. I will be his patient for life. His support staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I have been a patient since 2006 or 2007. I will never trust anyone else! Amazing hands down!!!!!

- Vamessa V

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Patient Review by elsa F

This was an emergency on vacation -- my crown came off and the whole front tooth was broken off at the gum. Nothing to fix it back onto! Dr Mokris did an emergency root canal, put in a post and reaffixed the crown and was very careful to make it fit properly. it has held up well and my home dentist says the job done was a classic repair given the circumstances, and well done. I consider myself very fortunate to have found Kissimmee family dentistry. They were able to see me very fast and did a great job. Fantastic!

- elsa F

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Patient Review by James A

Needed a tooth extraction and made an appt saw the Dr and the tooth was out in a matter of hours from my initial call to the office...everyone in the office was very friendly and all in a great mood.Its obvious to see it is a great place for them to work and and makes for a very comfortable environment for the patients...I actually had fun going the dentist! I cant thank them enough for the great care.I have found my new dental office.

- James A

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Patient Review by Kierstin C

The overall environment of the facility makes you feel comfortable and more at ease. Dr. Patrick Mokris is very kind and compassionate towards what his patient's are going through at the time of each visit. His staff are fantastic extremely friendly, and will help you any way they can to ease the stress of being at the dentist. The administrative staff are amazing; they are always filled with smiles and warm conversation, and take time to answer any question you might have. Everyone there makes you feel like they care more about you instead of the money they receive, even though the money is what keeps the place running. I used to go to Hunter's Creek Dental and they were very inconsiderate and rough and kept over charging me. Plus they took forever during each session while at the office. I would recommend Kissimmee Family Dentistry any day, you won't be disappointed!

- Kierstin C

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Patient Review by Migdalia R

I have being patient since 2001.

- Migdalia R

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Patient Review by David B

I have already recommended Kissimmee Family Dentistry to several friends who are now patients at this location.

- David B

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Patient Review by Migdalia R

I have being patient since 2001.

- Migdalia R

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Patient Review by Keith H

I've had negative experiences in the past when I've gone for dental work as a child in the 1950's. It's made me neglect my teeth because I fear going to the dentist. Overall I am very pleased with my decision to have K.F.D. take care of my dental health. It's clean and tidy. Everyone I have come in contact with behaves friendly, courteous and professional. I can say they make me feel confident in them and as relax as I'll ever be in a dentist office. The staff there work well together and appear to be happy working there. As a result it gives me the patient a relax atmosphere to come to. Plus I'm pretty sure my experience will be as pleasant as they can make it.

- Keith H

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