root canal in Kissimmee, FL

A root canal is simple a procedure that allows us to save your tooth. If your tooth is infected, we will remove any of the infected pulp material inside to ensure it doesn’t spread. In cases where the tooth is damaged or infected beyond repair, you may need to have the tooth extracted.

When Are Root Canals Necessary?

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The answer to “when” a root canal is necessary will be relative to your unique situation. The pulp inside your teeth fills a very important function – generating dentin and ensuring that each tooth gets the nutrients it requires. In some cases, this pulp gets infected. Given that the pulp consists of a significant amount of nerve tissue, this irritation can lead to tooth discomfort.

Root canals remove the infected material, alleviating pain while  preventing the infection from spreading. Pulp typically gets infected when an opening in the tooth allows bacteria to enter.

This often occurs due to a:

  • Chip

  • Crack

  • Cavity

What to Expect During Treatment

When you come to our office for a root canal, we’ll remove the infected pulp. We’ll then make sure the tooth is sealed and that dental composite is added to maintain the tooth’s integrity. Depending on the condition of your tooth, we may also place a crown.

There’s little to worry about when getting a root canal. There’s a myth that this procedure is painful, but that was only true when endodontic techniques were much less advanced.

Do You Think You May Need a Root Canal in Kissimmee, FL?

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